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Where Does The Money Go?

This is a question that is asked frequently, and a good one at that. What does your money do? Where does it go? Who benefits directly from my donation?

I'm going to spend the next few posts answering these questions. Not only for transparency's sake, but to highlight some of the great agencies and programs in our community and what they do to make huge differences in the lives of everyone who calls this area home. We're going to start with the two that almost everyone knows: The Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.

The Boy Scouts have been an active and involved organization for kids in the Crookston area for decades and are still going strong. With more than 40 scouts currently signed up and plans to recruit more in the coming year, they aren't slowing down any time soon. With an emphasis on skill building and service, the Boy Scouts teach kids of all ages how to give back, build up and make life in their communities better. The scouts in our area get to learn outdoor skills with camping trips in all seasons to Camp Wilderness and day trips to wildlife areas and parks. Service is a huge component of the Boy Scouts ideals and our local troop organizes clean up days for city parks and have done clean up and repair in the cemeteries. The Boy Scouts Troop 41 receives funding from the United Way of Crookston that goes to scholarships for scouts that may not be able to participate because of an inability to pay. We believe that every kid deserves the best chance to learn and grow and it's as easy as saying yes to a donation request.

The Girl Scouts have advocated for girls for over 100 years, believing that girls can do anything they set their minds to and have helped millions of girls worldwide achieve their dreams. The Crookston troop is a vibrant and active group dedicated to these ideals and making them come alive for girls of all ages in our community. With an emphasis on learning by doing, the Girl Scouts in our area participate in Aviation Camp at UND, Giddy Up Horse Camp at UMC along with STEM projects, life skills, outdoor adventures and of course, entrepreneurship with the much loved cookie sales every year. The belief that girls can do anything is an incredibly powerful message that starts very young. The Girl Scouts nurture that belief, encourage girls to dream big and help give them the skills to make those big dreams big realities. The Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons Troop receives funding from the United Way that is used for scholarships for scouts to participate in the programs, uniforms and other costs. We believe no kid should be kept from participating because of an inability to pay, we are honored to help fund the Girl Scouts.

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