Help people to be independent

Food. Clothing. Shelter. They seem like such simple things that you don't even think about them every day, they just ARE.  Not everyone in every community can say the same. Food, clothing and shelter should never be in doubt. Caring for neighbors is key to a strong community. United Way is committed to helping families become more financially stable. Through our partner programs and services, we position people for a better, brighter tomorrow by helping with emergency and transitional housing, transportation, and basic needs— food, shelter, safety from violence or abuse, advocacy support and more.

Family Time



The Polk County DAC supports individuals with developmental disabilities in acquiring, improving and maintaining enjoyment and quality of life through person centered programming. United Way of Crookston has funded 10 locked containers to provide shredding services for local businesses through the DAC and DocuShred. DAC also runs a successful annual campaign each year to give back to the United Way.


HOUSING assistance

Housing is a basic need, we all need somewhere to call home and sometimes, we need help.  No one should have to wonder where their family is going to sleep at night. By partnering with Care and Share Center, the Salvation Army and Reach Out For Warmth, the United Way of Crookston helps to make sure those in need in our community have a warm place to feel safe and make a life.

disaster relief

The United Way is a global organization with a local focus, when crises arise and disasters strike, the United Way volunteers spring into action to help wherever they can.  From floods to blizzards, earthquakes to hurricanes, the United Way's volunteer army assembles and that local presence means help is never far away.