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Reduce Hunger and Homelessness

Being healthy is vital for children to grow and develop and for adults to live a full, productive life. United Way is committed to helping individuals with health conditions, disabilities, dependency, and mental illness. Through our partner programs and services, we remove barriers and help people live safe, independent and active lifestyles.


true stories

Thank you from our partners at LSS.


eat united

The Eat United Summer Food Service Program provides, healthy, nutrient-dense meals to all youth in the community during the summer months. Lori Wagner, the United Way Executive Director, went for a site visit and also enjoyed a meal at an adult price of $4.00.

Pictured is Anna Brekken and her daughter eating on the last day of the program. 

Mail Order Bride

Victim of Human Trafficking

A young widowed international woman with three young children was recruited on a dating site by a local farmer as a mail order bride. She was brought to Minnesota on a finance visa after a two year courtship and married him in her country. She was coerced into believing she should marry a man who loved her and her children.

Once she was arrived, she found out that she was actually here to serve him in labor and sexual activities and she quickly learned that he also wanted to sexually molest her children.  He isolated her and the children two daughters, one son all under nine years old. His house was set up to see them while they were taking baths without them knowing, and were surrounded by fire arms. She also found he had other women he was recruiting by internet as she had been.

She let her visa and work authorization expire.  With assistance from a kind woman at her church who was able to speak her language, she was able to flee and came to our program. We assisted with all the barriers she was facing and threats to her and her children. They are now safe from the horrible man and encounters they faced.