United Way of Crookston Program Spotlight: Riverview Health's Adult Day Services


If you’ve been following the local news lately, you may have seen RiverView’s Adult Day Services Department featured on KVRR for the group’s journey into blue barrel gardening. If you’d like a look at the successful new gardening tactics of this busy group, along with a variety of other projects, you’re invited to the ADS Open House Wednesday, Sept. 20th.

The Open House is being held in recognition of National Adult Day Care Center Week taking place Sept. 17th-23rd. This year also marks the 40th anniversary of RiverView’s popular program.

RiverView is just one of 179 providers offering these individualized services to older adults and people with disabilities in Minnesota.

The public is invited to visit with clients and staff of RiverView’s program on Sept. 20th from 1 to 2:30 pm in Heritage Hallway, 323 S. Minnesota Street, Crookston. Enjoy healthy snacks made by the group and help celebrate four decades of services!

Supporting Clients, Families since 1977

While recent studies stress the importance of adult day services now and into the future, RiverView Health was ahead of the curve and understood the importance many years ago when RiverView’s ADS was implemented in 1977. The basic purpose of the licensed program of supervision then and now is to support elderly or disabled individuals living in their own homes and participating in their family and community lives to the fullest extent possible.

The ADS services are designed to enhance emotional, spiritual, physical and mental health by offering activities, socialization, nutrition, exercises, medical monitoring, transportation and fun.

“Our services help participants maintain some social contact to prevent depression or regression,’’ said ADS Director Linda Nephew, RN. “The services also help to maintain or improve participants physical conditions and that leads to more independence for the individual.’’

While there is no doubt the ADS program benefits those who attend, research also proves the benefits of the program help the families and caregivers of those ADS participants. According to recent research, family care providers showed lower stress levels on days when their family members attended adult day services. The study is one of the first to demonstrate that interventions to lower stress on caregivers, such as the use of adult day services, have an effect on the body’s biological responses to stress. These findings suggest that use of adult day services may protect caregivers against the harmful effects of stress associated with giving care to someone with dementia.

More than just Fun and Games

While ADS days are filled with fun activities like  sing-a-longs, community outings, baking, special meals, tasting groups, games, arts and crafts, and a variety of other entertaining options, many health-related activities also take place. Daily nutrition is a big part of the program, with participants enjoying a light breakfast, a well-balanced noon meal, and afternoon snack. Time for exercise is also scheduled every day.

The ADS team is also trained to care for clients with dementia and other disabilities. Each individual has his/her own care plan in place to address all of their health needs. Other health-related activities include:

  • Admit and monthly nurse health assessments
  • Therapy baseline assessment upon admittance
  • Ongoing therapy/rehab as physician orders
  • Dietitian assessment
  • Whirlpool baths or showers as preferred
  • Activities of daily living assistance of staff: hair/skin/nails/toileting
  • Escort to medical appointments at attached RiverView and Altru Clinics
  • Individual abuse prevention plans devised

It takes a lot of effort and resources to keep the program running smoothly. According to Nephew, Crookston’s United Way is a big part of the ADS program’s success. With United Way funds, ADS has been able to offset costs for many projects that have enriched the lives of the program’s clients.

RiverView’s ADS is licensed for 10 full-time individuals. Many of the current ADS participants are part-time, leaving room for more participants to enroll.

The RiverView program is available Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm. A van with a wheelchair lift provides transportation to and from homes in Crookston, or family members can drop their loved one off at the door with waiting staff.

If you or a family member is interested in the ADS program, stop by the Sept. 20th open house or contact Nephew at 281-9459.

11/22/17  Addendum to this news release: United Way has supplied our Adult Day Services with a standing hair dryer, beauty/hair roller caddy, desk top computer that clients use for games, flame retardant heavy duty lift recliners, Music in Memory mini I pods, new boom box with power booster built in to charge the I pods, head phones, Funding to off-set the program’s bathing and daily rates.  This helps enable our non-profit program to be funded.

Linda Nephew RN

323 So. Minnesota Ave.

Crookston, Mn 56716

Direct line: (218) 281-9459



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