What does United Way of Crookston do?

    United Way of Crookston continues to strive to create a stronger, healthier community for everyone. United Way gets people talking about issues that affect the whole community and helps gather resources and connect people to bring about lasting change. Together, we are possibility! 


What is United Way?

    United Way is a non-profit 501(c)(3) agency that brings people and communities together to advance the common good. We partner with local non-profits, businesses, government, and social service agencies to address our community's most pressing needs.

Who runs United Way of Crookston?

    Dedicated volunteers donate their time and talents each year to set goals, organize campaigns, solicit gifts, budget funds, identify and determine community priorities and distribute dollars. A volunteer board of directors sets local United Way policies and works in parnership with a professional staff administering the day-to-day operations.



My company does not run a campaign, how can I still give?

    If you are interested in having your company start running a campaign, you can reach our Executive Director at 218.281.1715 and she will be more than happy to help you get started!

    Otherwise, see 'How do I give to United Way of Crookston' question and you will be given a variety of different options to give.


Why should I participate in my company's United Way campaign?   

United Way believes that children, individuals, and families deserve opportunities to lead safe, productive, self-sufficient lives, and we know that donors want results. We set goals and measure and report our progress to the community.

 When you give to United Way, you will see the results of how your investment helps. .

 Plus, United Way makes it easy for anyone to invest in their community whether through a dollar a paycheck through payroll deduction to being a Key Club member.



How do I give to United Way of Crookston? 

    There are a variety of different ways you can give to United Way:

  1. Participate in your company’s annual United Way Campaign
  2. Give through payroll deduction
  3. Write a check (send it to P.O. Box 218 Crookston, MN 56716)
  4. Drop off your cash donation at our office (located at Valley Tech Park, 510 County Road 71)
  5. Call us to make your gift via a credit card
  6. Donate online, just click on the 'Donate' tab.

In whichever way you choose to give, you can be sure that your gift will be invested in quality programs that will make a difference in the lives of local men, women, and children.


How does United Way of Crookston invest my gift? How do I know if my gift was used wisely?  

    Each year, more than 15 volunteers, who are donors just like you, work with our staff to carefully review the management and effectiveness of the programs we partner with and use this information to determine funding levels. This information is focused on results.

The four key factors in these results include: program accountability (and fiscal responsibility), demonstrated lasting change in people’s lives, efficiently and effectively run programs, and programs that are responsive to the changing community needs.


I can only afford to give a small amount. Is it worth giving at all?

    Yes! Every donation is important. We want you to feel comfortable with your gift, and feel good about its impact.

    Giving in proportion to your ability gives a sense of belonging to a larger community and direct impact on making it a better place for us to live, work, and play.


I don't live in town so I don't feel I need to give.

    United Way of Crookston serves not only Crookston, but surrounding communities such as Fisher, Climax, Euclid, Red Lake Falls, Fertile, Beltrami, and Mentor. 

People who need services come to where the services are located, the majority being right here in Crookston. Check out our Community Partners here.


Why should I give to United Way when I can just give directly to an agency?    

    Your United Way investment is important and powerful when combined with the investments from the community. United Way does much more than simply collect and distribute money. United Way is a leader in creating community change: assessing needs, responding and measuring results.

• United Way monitors programs that receive grants to ensure they follow sound fiscal policies and provide effective services. Careful stewardship is valuable to donors who want their contribution to make the greatest impact.
• United Way works in two ways: meeting immediate needs and addressing the underlying causes of problems for long-term results.
• United Way looks for gaps and duplications to ensure that the services needed in our community are available.
• United Way affiliation enables agencies to leverage public and private funding. This multiplies the effect of your contribution.